Glacier Experience Trail

Being close enough to touch the glacier – it's something that not only mountaineers can achieve: families and mountain enthusiasts on the Diavolezza at almost 3,000 metres above sea level can now get just as close. On the new experience trail, visitors can expect to enjoy spectacular views directly alongside the glacier and find out all manner of interesting facts about this natural phenomenon. A Z-fold pamphlet is used to illustrate and explain the transformation of the glacier, as well as the visible changes that are taking place in the susceptible alpine region.

The Glacier Experience Trail supplements the theoretical knowledge that is provided at the visitor centre at the Diavolezza valley station. The circular walk takes about one-and-a-half to two hours and leads you along a mountain trails (white-red-white painted stripes) past five information points where you can find out about the world of glaciers all around you and study them and all their fascinating features at close quarters. The tour starts and ends at the Diavolezza mountain inn.

For further information, please visit www.glacierexperience.com

Glacier hike

Diavolezza - Morteratsch

The only thing you need in order to tackle the spectacular tour from the summit station Diavolezza across the Pers and Bernina Glaciers and back down to Morteratsch railway station are surefootedness and sufficient stamina to cope with the 1,100 metres altitude difference. Here, amidst the largest mountain range in the eastern Alps, with the 4,049 metres high Piz Bernina in the middle, you can immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the glaciers that surround you on all sides. Some fi ve billion tonnes of ice, covering a total distance of 12 kilometer and an altitude difference of 1,000 meter, creep lethargically down into the valley. The guided glacier hike provides an insight into a variety of natural phenomena – from crevasses, to glacial mills and erratics, through to the formation of moraines.

Glacier trekking

Glacier tour with crampons over the impressive crevasses of the Cambrena glacier and up as far as Crap Pers.

We walk along a rather narrow footpath from the Diavolezza top station past Piz Trovat to the Pers Glacier. After a short rest, we set off with crampons and secured with a rope towards Piz Palü, passing right through the impressive "Cambrena Gap". When we reach Crap Pers, we'll be rewarded with a vast panorama of the Pers Glacier.

Sass Queder

This easy, half-hour round tour leads from the Diavolezza through the most beautiful panorama in the Alps.

Diavolezza is the best vantage point for viewing one of the most beautiful panoramas in the Alps. It offers stunning views of the Pers and Morteratsch Glaciers, Piz Palü, Piz Bellavista and Piz Bernina - the last of which is, at 4,049m (13,284ft), the highest mountain in the Eastern Alps. After a short ascent taking about half an hour, you reach Sass Queder; here, thanks to the uninterrupted view to the south, you can see not only the impressive Bernina Massif, but also the Bernina Pass and even as far as the Vatellina valley. It is hardly surprising that Europe's highest BBQ site is located here and invites families and other hikers to take a break. Snacks and firewood can be purchased from the kiosk at the Diavolezza summit station.

Munt Pers

A well laid-out, but narrow mountain path takes you from Diavolezza mountain station up to Munt Pers. Although the terrain is a little steep in parts. But the path itself is perfectly manageable by teenager. The fantastic view across the Pers and Morteratsch Glaciers, Piz Palü, Piz Bellavista and Piz Bernina (at 4,049m the highest mountain in the Eastern Alps) is simply awesome. The return path is the same. To put the icing on top, you should set out to the hike before sunrise (equipped with a headlight). Experience the unforgettable spectacle of a new day dawning. It is also possible to stay the night at the Diavolezza Berghaus.

Lej da Diavolezza

From the Diavolezza top station, the trail leads you first to the chairlift, before traversing the Sass Queder ridge and then continuing down to the Lej da Diavolezza. The Muots Ravulaunas is a special place. If you are lucky you will see some piarmigan. Following the slope down, you arrive at the Diavolezza valley station.

Lej da las Collinas

This trail, which is also suitable for children, was created by a class of schoolchildren at the request of the Diavolezza cable car company. The 900m descent is tough. The descend runs parallel to the chairlift and then cross the flank of the Pers. A few minutes, you will reach the Lej da Diavolezza, followed by the Lej da las Collinas. The area between the Collinas and Pers lakes is moorland and home to rare species of plants and animals.It worth stopping here by take in the fabulous view. The return route to the Diavolezza valley station leads you past beautiful Alpine rose bushes and, if you are lucky, you may even see a chamois.

Corvatsch Diavolezza Lagalb
Corvatsch Park