Swiss Freestyle Championships

Corvatsch – 14th–19th April 2020
Switzerland's top freeskiers and snowboarders bring the season on the Corvatsch to a close.

The snowboarders and freeskiers will travel to the Upper Engadine for five days as part of the Audi Snowboard Series and the Swiss Freeski Tour. The Swiss are fighting for the Swiss Championships title in slopestyle and Big Air.

SNOWBOARD Competition Program (EC & Open – Swiss Champs) 

Tuesday, 14.04.2020: Qualification Slopestyle
Wednesday, 15.04.2020: Finals Slopestyle
Thursday, 16.04.2020: Style Race
Friday, 17.04.2020: Qualification Big Air
Saturday, 18.04.2019: Finals Big Air & Swiss Junior Champs Slopestyle
Sunday, 19.04.2019: Reservetag

FREESKI Competition Program (FIS Open – Swiss Champs

Wednesday, 15.04.2020: Special Event «Kaninka»
Thursday, 16.04.2020: Qualification Slopestyle
Friday, 17.04.2020: Finals Slopestyle
Saturday, 18.04.2020: Qualification & Finals Big Air
Sunday, 19.04.2020: Reservetag

Further information follows.

Corvatsch 3303
Corvatsch Park