4th Spring Festival – Corvatsch raps!

Corvatsch – April 25, 2020
"Stress" and "ZID" on Corvatsch

Fourth spring festival at the middle station Murtèl

On Saturday 25 April 2020, our popular Spring Festival of concerts at the Murtèl middle station will be taking place for the fourth time. Last year it was Royal Republic and Andrea Bignasca who delighted their audiences – next year the Swiss acts Stress and ZID will be taking to the stage at Corvatsch. 



This artist who sings in Zurich dialect is, in fact, a city-lover, but he's venturing into the mountains for the fourth Spring Festival. "All I know is, I want more", sings ZID on his latest track. "Meh" ("More") is the second single from ZID that redefines his style as "urban dance pop with genuine dialect lyrics". ZID, who writes and produces all his songs himself, is also known as a support act for Bligg. If you'd like to hear "meh" performed by ZID, you'll have the chance to do so on Saturday, 25 April at the Corvatsch Spring Festival. 



Stress, one of the best live acts in Switzerland, will also be coming to the Murtèl middle station. The songs in the rapper's new show are bassy and full of energy as we have come to expect, but that's not all: Stress also shows us his vulnerable side. His latest hits, "Terre brûlée" ("Scorched earth") and "A chaud & a froid" ("Hot and cold") are unashamedly songs about decisive events in his life. Stress’s show will be a roller-coaster ride from new-found joie de vivre to descents into the spiritual abyss – and as always he'll wear himself out for his audience to the point of collapse.


Bring your friends and family to enjoy the last skiing days of the season on Corvatsch. Come and experience an unforgettable concert in the spring sunshine at the Murtèl middle station. Admission to the Spring Festival is included in your ski pass. Pedestrians pay CHF 45.00 for the cable-car ride and admission to the concert.

Facts & Figures

Date: Saturday, April 25, 2020
Location: openair-stage at the middle station Murtèl
Time: from 12.00am


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